Here is a list of press releases:


Press release from November 3rd - «Chez Alain» - 1st Belgium evening (in German)

Press release from October 16th - New partnership: M-EATING-TABLE & APART (in German)

Press release from August 31st - «Quick decision» after audit by hotelleriesuisse (in German)

Press release from July 11th - Encounters table «MEET, EAT, DRINK, TALK» (in German)

Press release from BEST 3 STAR HOTELS - Einmaligkeiten (in German)

Press release from February 2nd - «Celebration Table» (in German)


Press release from October 19th - New Look for APARTHOTEL Teams

Press release from August 9th - The Chef de Service Erna Iten (in German)

Press release from August 3rd - APARTHOTEL rated one of the BEST 3 STAR HOTELS in Switzerland

Press release from July 8th - Alain Packes appointed new Manager

Press release from July 5th - APARTHOTEL takes over room management at Hotel Bauernhof (in German)

Press release from May 9th - New atmosphere in rooms due to colours and photos (in German)

Press release from April 19th - New Sous-Chef in the Restaurant APART (in German)

Press release from April 13th - Quality Label II for the APARTHOTEL confirmed (in German)


Press release from December 10th - – The APART restaurant goes mobile!

Press release from September 28th - Hugo Lenzlinger: 5 Years’ Passionate Commitment

Press release from August 27th - 5 Years APARTHOTEL Rotkreuz – Open Day and Birthday Celebration

Press release from July 6th - APARTHOTEL awarded Quality Label II

Press release from May 6th - Monica Aebersold appointed Deputy Manager

Press release from April 17th -  Zug Hiking Trails: the APART is now a Gastropartner!



Press report, 25.09.2014 - Opening APART-Choo Choo

Press report, 08.09.2014 - EVZ Youth Development Sponsorship

Press report, 20.06.2014 - One of the youngest Swiss Examiners in Hotel Management

Press report, 10.06.2014 - Hugo Lenzlinger - President Hotelleriesuisse ZUGERLAND



Press report, 15.03.2013 - Hotel classification extended



Press report, 22.11.2012 - Very High Food Quality

Press report, 09.08.2012 - Famous radio detective «Philip Maloney» in Rotkreuz

Press report, 02.07.2012 - APART - The place to go for fine food on

Press report, 28.03.2012 - APARTHOTEL awarded Quality Label

Press report, 08.03.2012 - New Head Chef at the APARTHOTEL



Press report, 12.10.2011 - FC Rotkreuz Juniors with APART trainer

Press report, 03.10.2011 - The APARTHOTEL celebrates its 1st birthday

Press report, 18.01.2011 - APARTHOTEL receives Minergie Certificate  



Press report, 01.10.2010 - Grand Opening

Press report, 27.04.2010 - Hugo Lenzlinger - Your host at the APARTHOTEL