22 June 2018Black&Blue: The service staff in a new look

Since the hotel opening in October 2010, the service team was dressed in a white blouse or a white shirt, black pants and a black apron. Now is the time for a more colorful and casual look.

The service team now wears the colours black an blue according to the colours of the restaurant logo. How do you like the new blouses/shirts and aprons?

We look forward to serving you in our restaurant, on the terrace, in the beer garden, in the choo-choo or at a catering venue.

Your APART service team

Opening hours Easter
Good Friday, 19 April to Easter Monday, 22 April

Dear Guests

Over Easter (Good Friday, 19 April to Easter Monday, 22 April) we are closed. We are looking forward to be there for you again from 9 am on Tuesday, 23 April. 

Your APART Team

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